Earn Online In India

This site will help you to get started with earning money online in india. This process is divided into 2 simple steps

But before you start the process you should first see the proof of income .Click here to view proof .

I have tried my level best to make this as easy as possible for you. Give it a try and remember every thing available in this site is free !

I have searched the internet for ways to earn online for years and have succeeded in making about RS 20,000 per month . This is a guide for you to start earning similar amount of money in just 15 minutes !
The website i use to earn is ipanelonline which pays you to take surveys . The Tips at the end shows how to increase your earning from the website . I hope that this site helps you to start earning online .

OK so lets start !

1.The Website - This step shows the website you will use to earn money and also how will you use it to get max benefit.

2.Paypal Account - This step show how to make a PayPal account to get paid online easily.( if you already have a PayPal account then skip this step .


Just 15 minutes and you are ready to earn Rs 20,000 per month online!

So lets start with joining the website that is gonna pay you in step 1- (the website)


STEP 1 - The Website


This is the only site in india that pays in sufficient amounts . You can make about Rs 20,000 per month from it if you follow my instructions .The website is completely free and will never ask any money from you .

First thing you need to do is register in the website and activate your account by confirming your email address .

To register in the website click here .


A registeration form should open up like the one displayed bellow.

Fill the form and click on (Agree)Start to Register .



After you click on "Register" the page displayed bellow will open up .



Now go to Your email and you should find a email from ipanelonline named "Email Account Verification of Ipanel India"



Open the email and click on the link .



When you click on the link your account will be verified and you will see a page that looks like the one shown bellow. When you see this page Click on "NEXT".



When you click on next a page like the one below will open up . Fill it and click on "Submit".

NOTE:- In the field named "Identity card number" enter your UID card number . If you dont have a UID card yet then enter any 12 digit number (eg- 111122223333).



When you click on submit the page displayed bellow will open up . Enter your personal information based on your current status. This page will ask about your education , Industry, Position etc . Fill this up and click on submit.



When you click on submit a page that looks like the one bellow will open up and this means the registration is compleate. Click on login.



When You click on Login the home page of ipanelonline will open. Enter your Email and password and click on login.



When you log in you will see a page like this one . This is your profile at Ipanelonline. If you are lucky you will see a survey as soon as you log in or within 2-3 hours of signup . But if you dont see a survey don't worry about it .



This was the signup process . Now let me tell you how you can make money at Ipanelonline.

The best way is to do surveys in the website (you can always view available survey by clicking on online survey option). The surveys will take about 10 to 15 minutes to compleate and will pay you at around RS100 to RS200. These type of surveys wont always be available so check ipanel everyday at least once to see if a new one is availabe to you . Ipanel will also send survay invitations to your email so you should check your email almost everyday .

Ipanel will also pay Rs1 everytime you log in to the website once everyday .

One other way to earn is to invite your friends to Ipanelonline.They provide you with a link through which you can ask your friends to join. You will be paid if they join and compleat a survey.

So that was all about earning money online in Ipanel India. Now you also need to recieve the money you earned at Ipanel . You will neeed a PayPal account to recieve your earning online . The next step deals with making a paypal account and adding it to Ipanel so that you can ultimately get your money transfered to your bank account .

(Please compleate the first step before going to step 2 to avoide problems)

Now go to step 2